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Cuckold Service at the Snowbunny Hotwife Club

Amazon & Smashwords Debbie and Jay are about to take their cuckold/hotwife lifestyle to the next level. He’s listened to her intimate encounters with dozens of men in their marital bed. Watched many of them enjoy her oral talents while they sprawled in his favorite easy chair. He’s fluffed for them. Cleaned up after them. Been caged in... Continue Reading →

Tickling Daddy’s Love Bone

Smashwords | Amazon | Goodreads It all started with an idea. One so perfect (and innocent) that my heart soared with joy. It was my turn to soothe my father's pain, my turn to make him feel better, just like he used to when I was young. It was just a simple leg massage, a... Continue Reading →

Sissy Agent for the Black World Order

Smashwords | Amazon | Goodreads 20 years from today . . . The Black World Order has arrived, with a new generation of white sluts and sissies learning to take their place under black ownership, but there are still white pride communities scattered across America that stubbornly cling to a violent legacy of intolerance and... Continue Reading →

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