Sissy Vacation Exposure

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Today, on this beautiful morning in paradise, Robert was dressed in one of his wife’s black swim skirts, which felt like bikini bottoms underneath, but which looked like a lightly ruffled skirt on the outside. So long as nobody looked too closely, they were close enough to his normal swim trunks to be passable, but he felt like a sissy – like an accepted sissy – in a way he never had before.

And to think it had all begun with a strange man on the beach with a perverse fantasy to place his manhood inside Robert’s mouth. He had been exposed as a sissy. His wife knew he was a sissy. And she was okay with it. More than that, she seemed energized by the fact.

He didn’t know whether Douglas had somehow sensed the sissy inside of him, or whether his wife had inadvertently twisted the whole perverse fantasy into something different with her teasing application of lipstick, but it didn’t matter. Just so long as the older man wasn’t done with them. He couldn’t handle another week of vacation without the throbbing manhood to which he’d so quickly become accustomed.

“Sissy Vacation Exposure” is a work of hardcore sissy erotica, intended for adults only. If you like pretty submissive sissies, naturally dominant Alpha men, and passionate sex, then let’s play.

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