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Sissy for the Black World Order (Blacked Future)

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20 years from today . . .

The Black World Order has arrived, but there are still white communities scattered across America that stubbornly cling to a legacy of intolerance and hatred. Andrew’s father is Governor of the last white state, and he’s ready for his son to step up and carry on that cruel legacy. He’s invited the community’s most prominent citizens to attend Andrew’s 21st birthday, where they expect to watch the young man mount his perfect white bride for all to see, demonstrating his dedication to the cause.

Thanks to his mother’s example – and the black cum she’s been feeding him for years – Andrew has no intention of taking a bride, and no desire to further his father’s outdated agenda. He’s made his own plans, and it’s going to be a betrayal of the cause like the community has never seen. With the help of his mother, some like-minded white virgins, a gang of black Alpha Males, and one black BBW shemale doctor, he’s going to give the community a hot, creamy lesson in sissy submission and black ownership that they will never forget!

There will be brides claimed tonight, eagerly blacked in every one of their willing holes, and they’ll be feeding every one of those loads to their sissy cuckold . . . who will be the last to be mounted, bred, and broken of his manhood. Eyes and minds will be opened, attitudes changed, and relationships reborn. After tonight, there will be no doubt as to what his family truly stands for, whether the Governor likes it or not.

Sissy for the Black World Order is the first tale of our Blacked Future, a 23,500-word adult story of a virgin white boi learning the pleasures of being a sissy cuckold cleanup slave for the BNWO, compete with BBC cuckolding, an interracial gangbang, feminization and sissification, SPH humiliation, shemale domination, chastity, and more!

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