Sissy Cuckold: Glazed and Caged

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It all started with my wife’s birthday.

I’d offered to do anything she wanted to celebrate – and she called me on it. She teased me, denied me, and then left me bound and gagged, forced to watch hours of cuckold cleanup porn while she went off and had her fun with a bar full of horny men.

She brought nine of them home and they sat her on my face, overflowing with their seed. They had enjoyed her cake – or pie, I guess – but she’d saved the eating part just for me.

And that was only the beginning. Once she knew the truth about my sissy fantasies, and how well they meshed with her cuckold cleanup dreams, we became a filthy, sloppy, mess made in kink Heaven. Indulging our fetish would change everything, cost us friends, families, and more . . . but it would also make us stars.

“Sissy Cuckold: Glazed and Caged” is a work of hardcore sissy erotica, intended for adults only. If you like submissive cuckold sissies, dominant hotwives, Alpha men, group sex, and plenty of cleanup duties, then let’s play.

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