Sold! to the Shemales

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Bradley Chalmers is a nineteen-year-old university student. He’s adorably shy, a little self-conscious, and a total virgin. He’s also broke and alone, in danger of not being able to finish his final year of schooling, so he decides to auction his virginity to the highest bidder. He thought being bought by some hairy bear of a man was all he needed to worry about, but then the auction took a bizarre twist, heaping emasculation on top of embarrassment, until he fears nobody will want him. Ever.

When two stunningly beautiful black women are revealed as the winning bidders – one pleasantly plump, with curves in all the right places, the other tall and thin, with respectable little breasts – he figures he’s won the lottery. They have a secret, though, and the virginity they’re interested in taking is not at all what he thought was up for bid.

Updated for 2020 with 3000 words of new and extended scenes, Sold! to the Shemales is a story of SPH femdom humiliation, virgin whiteboi submission, shemale domination, first time penetration, and bisexual discovery.

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