Substitute Submission

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Ours has never been what you’d call an ordinary family, and that’s putting it lightly.

My parents first met at a fetish convention twenty years ago, and it was love (and lust) at first sight.

Daddy was a Master who specialized in bondage, torture, and pain. His tools ranged from the simplicity of dental floss. From the convenience of a woman’s stockings to the extravagance of a handcrafted leather whip. From the roughness of a wooden sawhorse to the polish of a gynecologist’s table.

Mommy was a Mistress who excelled at intellectual domination, hypnosis, mind control, and the fine art of humiliation. The only tool she relied upon was her imagination, which she so often wielded with a cruel sense of irony.

Initially, the pairing of two such equals seemed an odd combination, more suitable to a business partnership than a marriage, but together they were invincible. Not only did their talents complement each other, but they enhanced them to the point where the fetishistic whole became far greater than the sum of its erotic parts. Although it was a lust for both power and pleasure that brought them together, my sister and I can attest to their all-consuming love for one another.

Unfortunately, the unfair prejudices of an intolerant society now threaten our comfortable lives. Barely a year after Daddy and my sister left to explore new business opportunities overseas, it looks like Mommy and I will be forced to join them. Recent political shifts not only robbed us of many well-bribed clients but introduced a new breed of overzealous legislators and authoritarian figures for whom our lifestyle presents a target too tempting to resist.

Fortunately, Mommy wasn’t one to just hand over her authority to a man.

She had a plan for us all.

“Substitute Submission” is a work of hardcore sissy erotica, intended for adults only. If you like submissive sissies, dominant mommies, and well-hung shemales, then let’s play.

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