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Sissy Students of the Black World Order

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20 years from today . . .

The Black World Order has arrived, with a new generation of white sluts and sissies learning to take their place under black ownership. To help them appreciate a happier, healthier, and hornier culture that has become the envy of the modern world, a middle-aged white sissy of their parent’s generation has been invited to talk about the price that was paid for their black-led interracial paradise.

It was only supposed to be a history lesson, but when one over-eager sissy asks what Candi’s blackening was like, Master Johnson encourages him to share, reminding him that he’s speaking to a class of seniors, all of age, legal to drive, legal to be marked, legal to be owned, and legal to be bred. Candi’s experience is an important part of blacked history, and the sluts and sissies need to understand how hard it was for him – and how mind-blowingly sexual it was for his wife – so they can appreciate how good they have it now.

Sissy Students of the Black World Order is a standalone tale of our Blacked Future, a 12,000-word adult story of a white sissy sharing with the next generation how he and his horny hotwife were broken, blacked, and bred by their black Masters. Featuring massive BBC worship, interracial cuckolding, bareback breeding, reluctant fluffing, creampie cleanup, sissification, enforced chastity, and more.

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