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New Year Check-in!

Um, hi, everybody! Welcome to a new year.

Sorry for not being around lately, but I took a much-needed social media break over the holidays. A solid month of not seeing, reading, or hearing anything about Trump, Proud Boys, ANTIFA, Covid, or anything else that’s a downer.

Instead, I did a lot of reading, even more masturbating, and . . . oh, yeah, totally bending over for my Daddy Dom and taking him deep at both ends. It’s been hard for us to get together with lockdown, stay-at-home orders, and all the rest, but that just makes us appreciate our time together even more. He doesn’t have the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, but he can get hard again quickly, so most of our afternoons see me getting a load in my ass, down my throat, and all over my face!

Sadly, those same lockdown and stay-at-home orders denied me other fun. I had a gorgeous black Alpha Dom contact me about starting up some regular service, but he’s married to a nurse, and while she’s open to having a white sissy around the house, they’re not willing to risk Covid exposure. I’ve also been chatting with an absolutely stunning transsexual Goddess who has extended an open invitation for me to spend a weekend riding her cock, but the Canada/USA border still shows no sign of opening again soon, so the opportunity simply hasn’t arisen.

There were plenty of other guys who talked big but never followed through. Fortunately, I’ve got a good sense of who’s using conversations with me to spill their seed and who actually intends to come over and fill me with it, so I haven’t gotten my hopes up. Some of their fantasies are totally hot, though, and I plan to show they what they’re missing by writing about how amazing our scenes could have played out.

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my books while I was gone. I’d love to see more reviews from you, and I’d love to hear from you – what did you like? what do you want more of? how else can I make you cum? – but just knowing you’re out there makes me happy. Seriously, though, leave me some comments, send me an email, DM me on Twitter, whatever. I want to know what turns you on!

Anyway, I’m totally back, and I’ll have a new BLACKED FUTURE book for you soon!

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