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Sissy Agent for the Black World Order

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20 years from today . . .

The Black World Order has arrived, with a new generation of white sluts and sissies learning to take their place under black ownership, but there are still white pride communities scattered across America that stubbornly cling to a violent legacy of intolerance and hatred.

Abandoned as an inconvenience by his terrorist parents, Heath has spent his life growing up under the loving care and guidance of his adopted Momma, a white slut who has been preparing him to serve as a community sissy within the Blacked States of America. Caged and plugged whenever he isn’t being used by a black superior, he loves his place as a sissy princess sperm whore . . . but then everything changes.

The President needs him to serve not just the black Masters and Mistresses of his community, but the entire Blacked States of America. His unique situation, born to white pride but raised to black servitude, means he alone can be a Sissy Agent for the Black World Order. In doing what he does (and loves) best, he will have the opportunity to make a cum-soaked statement that will change the world.

This eager sissy and his Momma will take on more black Alpha Males than they ever imagined possible in a gangbang bukkake extravaganza that will leave them glazed and gaped in ways they could only dream of.

Sissy Agent for the Black World Order is the latest standalone tale of our Blacked Future, a 27,500-word adult story of a sissy white boi who is living the happy life of a slave for the BNWO when the President herself calls upon him to serve not just the black Masters and Mistresses of his community, but the entire Blacked States of America. Contains orgies, gangbangs, bukkake . . . and so much cum you’ll be tasting it for days!

One thought on “Sissy Agent for the Black World Order

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  1. It took me a while to see this clearly but now I do see it! I am a white divorced man whose wife left me for a black man. She was seeing all the black athletes in sports, seeing the increase of blacks in business, politics, government, advertisingm entertainment etc. She saw me looking at porn and especially IR porn and got interested. She knew a black man at work and he had hit on her a few times. She finally could not resist him any longer and OMG she had the best sex of her life. She told me and said she needed that, Then I learned that a friend of mine was seeing a black man. A white man seeing a black man. Instead of women! Well, 2 years have gone by and now I have been taken by a black man too. I tried not to do it but he was so dominan t and strong I could not resist him.
    Now I understand black power. I see how fast the world is changing. I have a 17 yo son who says he cann ot get a date because all the white girls only wabt toi date black guys. Two of the white girls in his class are pregnant by black men.
    Yes, there is no turning back. The future will be black dominated. Whites will obey or else!


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