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Tickling Daddy’s Love Bone

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It all started with an idea. One so perfect (and innocent) that my heart soared with joy. It was my turn to soothe my father’s pain, my turn to make him feel better, just like he used to when I was young. It was just a simple leg massage, a soothing of the tightness in his tired, aching legs.

I only leaned through those legs to tickle him because that’s how he used to end my massages. I never responded like this, though. Dad was erect. Fully, majestically, and embarrassingly erect. Who knew tickling could be a turn-on?

“I’m sorry, Rob.” His pale face showed a bit of red. He was blushing. “I can’t help it.”

If I’d taken a moment to think about it, I likely wouldn’t have done it. If I’d only seen it, not felt it pressing against my stomach, I might have been able to control myself. That simple, accidental touch, though, was like a red-hot poker. I felt it. The heat of it burned inside me . . . and I responded.

I was acting on pure instinct. I placed my hand against the thin blue of his pajama bottoms and squeezed…

This is an intensely personal story for me, totally taboo, but also sweeter and more sentimental than regular readers may be used to.

I will leave the truth of it up to you, the reader. If your head is more comfortable taking it as fiction, then we’ll leave it at that, dreaming together of two grown men sharing something erotic. If your heart is happier taking it as truth, then we’ll embrace that together, enjoying the fact of two grown men sharing something intimate and taboo.

“Tickling Daddy’s Love Bone” is a work of hardcore gay erotica, intended for adults only. If you like submissive twinks, dominant Daddies, first-time oral and anal, and passionate sex, then let’s play.

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