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Skinny White Boy with Cream: Interracial Straight-to-Gay Erotica

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It was my lunch hour, and I was walking through the neighborhood, on my way to the coffee shop for my skinny vanilla latte, when I heard a holler of, “Hey, white boy!” I turned to find a middle-aged black man standing in the doorway of one of the new townhomes. He was a big guy, like a football player who’d softened a bit in his retirement, but still powerfully built. He had a well-trimmed goatee on his chin, but his head was shiny and bald. “Get your white butt over here,” he yelled from across the street. “I got work for you.”

And that’s how it all began.

Once inside, I was stunned. I didn’t know what to do, what to say. “I got a condition,” he told me. “A medical one. A prescription for daily treatment too, only it’s a tough prescription to fill.” Words completely failed me in the face of his impossible mass of manhood. I just stood there, staring, with my mouth hanging open, unable to process what was happening. He wanted to get on my knees, take him in my mouth, and swallow every ebony drop. It was madness. It was too much to ask, especially of a complete stranger, but there was something irresistible about him. I wasn’t gay, not even bi-curious, but after a single afternoon of filling that prescription, I wouldn’t be able to call myself straight either.

And that’s not where it ended . . . but you’ll have to read my story to read to find out more.

“Skinny White Boy with Cream” is an interracial work of hardcore straight-to-gay erotica, intended for adults only, featuring a dominant black man, a submissive white twink, first-time sexual exploration, and (just maybe) the potential for romance.

One thought on “Skinny White Boy with Cream: Interracial Straight-to-Gay Erotica

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  1. If a black man were to yell at me tody and tell me to get over here I would do it! I know how dominant and insistant black men can be. I would not want to suffer the wrath of a black man today. Disobedient white guys are being sentenced to prison wnhere they are transformed into sissy white bitch fags.


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