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Sissy Cuckold for the Black World Order (Blacked Future)

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20 years from today . . .

The Black World Order has arrived, and as the first community in the state to embrace it, things tended to be a bit more casual around in New St. Croix. Black ownership was strongly recommended, if not yet required, and white submission was still something in which couples had the illusion of volunteering. So long as they treated their black superiors with respect, they did the same, allowing would-be hotwives, cuckolds, sluts, and sissies to learn by example just how black ownership could change their lives for the better.

For Roxanne and Stephen, it all began when a black stranger groped her in the grocery store and told her to meet him for a date. Already falling under the spell of her soon-to-be Master, she leaves her husband bound and gagged, forced to watch hours of cuckold cleanup and interracial bisexual porn while she takes the first step on their journey to black ownership. Over the coming weeks he comes to learn his place as a chaste cuckold, watching his wife entertain groups of superior black men before using him for cleanup duties.

Given their situation, the fact that he accepts his place as a sissy cuckold so easily isn’t the surprise, it’s that their Master insists he be blacked as well . . .

Sissy Cuckold for the Black World Order is the latest standalone tale of our Blacked Future, an 18,000-word adult story of a white husband who finds himself becoming a creampie cleanup connoisseur and a chaste sissy cuckold after his wife is blacked by a stranger from the grocery store. Contains interracial gangbangs, extreme bukkake, sloppy facesitting, virgin penetration, and more!

4 thoughts on “Sissy Cuckold for the Black World Order (Blacked Future)

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  1. There is no doubt that the world will be black controlled within 50 years or sooner. Already we see so much black control & as new laws are passed whites will be restricted like never before. There is no stopping BNWO

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  2. I have watched how smooth black men can be. Determined to take my wife in front of me. Partly to fuck her but more to humiliate me. And it happened so fast. This convinced me that the future will be black controlled.

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  3. Anyone who does not see what is going on around them relative to the black world is just not paying attention. Blacks in government, sports, business, entertainment, commercials etc etc etc. We whites arre letting them take us. Some by submission & others by intimidation. Women are turned on by black men and white men are being put out to pasture. Give this another 20 years and you will see new laws restricting white behavior. Blacks will be in total control.


  4. I believe there will be a law stating that any white man who rapes a woman should be castrated. Women will accuse white men just to see them get their balls cut off. Blacks will love it!


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