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Blacked Marriage Counseling

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John and Tracey Duvall thought marriage counseling would be the perfect cover for their tax fraud. They weren’t counting on being counseled by a woman who already knew them all their secrets.

Mistress Shawna was going to convince these pathetic white sluts to submit their worthless selves to black ownership. If they did precisely as they were told, without question or complaint, they could walk out of her office as the property of the Black New World Order instead of the white state, wearing their new Jack and Jill of Spades leather collars instead of regulation steel cuffs.

What they didn’t know was that she had secrets of her own. She was their every fantasy, a dominant, ebony-skinned, BBW Goddess with a BBC.

“Blacked Marriage Counseling” is a work of hardcore sissy erotica, intended for adults only. If you like submissive white couples, dominant black transsexuals, total sissification, first time penetration, and belonging to the BNWO, then let’s play.

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