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Cuckolded, Caged, and Collared: A Blacked Bundle

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The true story of a white man’s journey from the erotic fantasy of cuckolding to the intimate realities of submission.

My journey started with a woman who shared my fetish for cuckolding and gloryholes. Fantasies for me, but a well-established lifestyle for her. I soon found myself the contented cuckold of a would-be hotwife, eagerly on-call for creampie cleanup duties, and always up for some shared gloryhole action. I had no idea how far (or how fast) she would take things, but she lived up to every one of her fantasies . . . even as she betrayed me and forced me beyond the comfortable boundaries of mine.

Just when things seemed darkest, I was invited to step outside the dungeon and into the home of an ebony-skinned transsexual dominatrix I had been seeing professionally for years. Mistress had seen something in me, a natural tendency toward submission, and my betrayal left her free to collar, cage, and cuckold with her clients. What she offered me was the life of which I had always dreamed, that of a beloved bottom, if I would only choose to make the commitment.

With life having already taken a pair of unexpected turns, I should have known there’d another waiting, but what that was and how it’s completely redefined who and what I am is something you’ll have to read for yourself.

Cuckolded, Caged, and Collared collects the full text of Cuckold’s Glory & From Cuckold to Collar, both of which have been revised and expanded with over 10k words of new and expanded content, and includes an all-new final chapter, exclusive to this bundle.

This story contains adult themes and graphic depictions of interracial sex, cuckolding, BDSM, chastity, and bisexuality.

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