Collared Sissy Bundle: A Black World Order Collection

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20 years from today . . . The Black World Order has arrived, and a new generation of white sluts and sissies are learning to take their place under black ownership. A unique challenge of supply and demand, however, means that available sluts are scarce, leaving white bois to fill the gaps – and get their gaps filled.

Some are freeuse sissies who, even as they serve an endless parade of black Kings and Queens, dream of being chosen, claimed, and collared. Others are married cuckolds, watching as their wives get blacked and bred by their superiors, desperately yearning for some attention of their own.

“Queen Bee and Master Horse” features a freeuse sissy being collared by a black Queen and modified to serve her extraordinarily well-endowed husband as the best white mare he can be.

“From Broken Hubby to Blacked Sissy” unveils the fate of a lonely, sex-starved cuckold white boi who finds himself caught between fear and arousal when a black stranger claims him.

“Sissy Bondage and Shemale Bukkake” is a tale of two sissies who endure a long night of rubber doll bondage and shemale domination in hopes of being chosen and collared by a well-hung black Queen.

The Collared Sissy Bundle collects three tales of our Blacked Future, 25,000 words of eager sissies and reluctant cuckolds being feminized, sissified, and blacked by the BNWO, complete with extreme body modification, BBC worship, enforced chastity, SPH humiliation, first-time breeding and feeding, rubber doll bukkake, shemale domination, and more!

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